Understanding Fresh Café’s
Innovative Approach to Hospitality

Fresh Café uses unique concepts within the hospitality industry to create a comfortable atmosphere and creative space for the local community that it serves. With two café locations: Fresh Café Hawaii and Fresh Café Downtown, it shows that its business model is well received and can teach hospitality success to others. While this is the unofficial web page, we aim to give you a comprehensive guide to the creative Fresh Café as well as ways you can adapt their innovative ideas to your own restaurant or hospitality business.

As a restaurant that has fresh in the name, you can already guess their primary food focus. Creating healthy, balanced meals using local, quality produce as well as garden-fresh ingredients means it is stepping up the food game to accommodate consumers who are increasingly health and fitness conscious. Making the healthiest of meals delicious is one of its main goals showing that food and happiness go hand in hand, even when it is good for you. Plus, with its shop alongside the café, customers just can’t get enough.

The mood is also important as they aim to promotes creativity and innovation by integrating this into spaces where “Fresh ideas” are formed. Doing this by creating different atmospheres conducive to free expression and productivity like its Downtown location that hosts events such as Open Mic or poetry slam. They work hard to be pillars of the community, even in their industrial locations by being involved in the local art and culture scene, whether this is displaying artwork, supporting artists (even at an international level) or working closely with organisations such as Pow! Wow! Hawaii which celebrates local culture, art and music.

Fresh Café is not just another restaurant, it’s an idea that you can adapt to suit your own business, and here’s how:

10 Tips to Bring The “Fresh Mission” to Your Hospitality Business

1. Think CSR
This report found that 66% of consumers value sustainable brands and are willing to pay more because of it. With this increasing preference of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) customers are becoming more conscious about the impacts of their spending and the businesses they buy from which includes the hospitality industry as well. Fresh Café focused on their impact globally from it sustainable products to ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, proudly displaying it as part of their awareness and image.
Incorporate this by considering local sourcing, you may find a unique product that adds exclusivity to your range and can strike up a great deal with local businesses too. Alternatively you could consider environmental impact that your business has and “go green” by taking water or energy saving measures. Regardless of the CSR avenue you explore, ensure it is incorporated into your marketing campaigns, letting customers know that you have thought about these vital issues.

2. Know Your Message
What are you trying to say and get across to your customers? Understand the impact that you are trying to make and be authentic, it’s easier to maintain honesty and it will create a genuine feel. Fresh café Hawaii for example used intricate artwork by local graffiti artists sprayed on the buildings to make them more noticeable and give off an urban but comfortable vibe. This was in keeping with their relaxed atmosphere and their love of local culture, so find your niche and utilise it.

3. Run Competitions
Everyone loves free stuff! It really is that simple. Running competitions, whether through your website or in the location itself can generate a buzz surrounding your brand and quickly raise awareness. Fresh Café for example, used annual cup and t-shirt decorating with the incentive of prize credits in store. This works two-fold because it also encourages the winner to return and do some of your marketing for you.
Just remember to keep it in line with your brand’s message and ethos so that it remains a reflection of yourself to foster loyalty and not just a way to get people in the door. This means you will attract the right clientele to the competition.

4. Consider Community
Remember that wherever your restaurant location, you are part of a community. Even Fresh Café Hawaii that was located in an industrial district catered to its local communities. It’s an excellent way to become more established as a local hotspot by taking an interest and increasing presence within the community. While small or fledgling businesses may not be able to afford large donations, there are plenty of ways to consider the community in your operations. Fresh Café Hawaii for example supported local artists by having artwork for sale in their location which allowed artists a cost-effective way to reach buyers and in return, Fresh Café got some cool décor for their walls. Other ways you can do that is to source all of your food or ingredients locally, for example meat and bread from the butchers and bakers rather than visiting a chain or multinational.
This develops long term relationships with other businesses in the community, making you a standing member and more likely to get recommendations.

5. Host Events
An excellent way to bring in more customers and expand awareness of your restaurant is to host events. This could be ideas that you create and organise with the purpose of attracting new clientele, or collaborating with others which can introduce you to a new market. Fresh Café Downtown hosted discount drinks evenings, open mic nights, annual holiday celebrations to make an impact.
You could try things like; poetry jams or live music. These are helpful for aspiring artists to come forward and showcase your café or restaurant as where they are going to be. Plus, these events are often community related and therefore ties in with number 4 quite nicely.

6. Back It Up
It should go without saying, but make sure you have the substance as well as style. For example, Fresh Café’s homemade and “fresh” menu resonates with consumers so they enjoy what is being served. Even with all the marketing and tips in the world, if your food or service are rubbish, you won’t be able to retain customers.
Fresh Café is changing the hospitality industry and putting healthy restaurants and cafés on the map with their innovative thinking. Follow these tips and you can do the same.

7. Personalise
Greet customers and get to know them. As part of the community you want to bring everyone together and that means creating an atmosphere that evokes family and friendship. You could host networking events or a simple coffee morning where regulars get a discount which not only rewards loyalty but sparks a conversation. You could also try adding table questions or information where customers learn more about you and your brand as well as personal specifics about the owners so that they get a sense of who you are and make it more personable.

8. Be Social
Engage with your customers online and via social media, choosing platforms that specifically appeal to them. You can expand your brand reach by creating an Instagram account and allowing others to “check in” this lets potential customers see what they can expect from your business as well as the fantastic items that you offer. Plus, your Instagram would be an excellent place to run online competitions and showcase the offers or events you have going on! Pay particular attention to the hashtags and create one for your own business so that it is easily searchable and you can interact easily.

9. Specialise
Offer one or two specialty items that are unique to your brand or business. This could be a dish or cocktail that is named or created especially for your restaurant or café. In the case of Fresh Café this could be a healthy smoothie combination using locally sourced ingredients or a delicious breakfast option that no-one else tries. These specialities offer something unique that customers will travel to see which gets them through the door so they can experience your atmosphere for themselves, keeping them coming back for more.

10. Don’t Forget The Logistics
Often, new owners can get carried away with the menu, styling and theme of a hospitality business that they forget about what it takes to run a restaurant or café. Local sourcing for example can be more expensive unless you negotiate good deals and pricing needs to reflect this. You will also have to consider permits, health and safety regulations in regard to food handling as well as insurances! Don’t forget to protect yourself and remember the logistics of owning a sustainably friendly business.