Understanding Fresh Café’s
Innovative Approach to Hospitality

Fresh Café History

We are passionate about the Fresh Café which is why we are giving you the unofficial backstory and details that surrounds its founding in July 2009. In a time where being different was not as celebrated as it is now, Fresh Café served as an oasis for the eclectic and the hungry, helping to dawn a new age of acceptance! Created with health, nutrition and sustainability as their core values, Fresh Café aims to lead by example for and inspire creativity for minds and businesses alike.

It capitalises on homemade treats from soups, salads and sandwiches to breakfast and dessert but aims to make them healthily delicious. Known for it’s fresh, locally sourced ingredients and pressed coffee beans which are 100% Kona, it aims to be your first stop in the morning or last at night with its extended opening hours which are;

8am-11pm – Mon-Sat
9am – 6pm - Sun

This also allows them to transition from day to night events effectively and cater to a wider demographic to meet the needs of their community.

It’s unique warehouse location adjacent to the café itself aims to be a central hub for events, from poetry and music to art shows, culture and creativity play a key part in its business ethos. They also celebrate; New Years Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanks Giving and Christmas so expect seasonal events and themes year-round.

Although no on-site parking can be found at its Hawaii location, core relationships with their warehouse neighbours and those in the surrounding roads on Cooke or Ward Street mean you’ll be able to find a local spot just a short distance away.

If you are looking for a café that is innovative, comfortable and unique then pop into a Fresh Café where you will find a warm atmosphere full of inspiration and productivity. Plus, you can stay late too!