Understanding Fresh Café’s
Innovative Approach to Hospitality

This is the unofficial homepage of fresh café where you can find some insights into the quirky and popular restaurant that utilizes corporate social responsibility to stay ahead. Here is how you can replicate this success by becoming ethically and sustainably focused while also making healthy food appeal to customers and keep them coming back for more.

Improving Corporate Sustainability
- Recycle – Consider, particularly for a restaurant or café business, how many plastic straws, paper napkins or packaging elements that are used during service. Over the course of a year this will mount up, so every little helps and recycling is environmentally friendly, leading towards a “greener” image.
- Go Local – Collaborate with local sources for ingredients or regular orders to help improve sustainability of the local area. This will help to make your community more affluent and improve clientele’s spending habits.
- Educate Customers – The first step is being ethical and green yourself, the next step is to implore your customers to do the same. For example, place divided recycling bins around your restaurant, make straws optional so customers have to ask to go and get them. Educate your customers on the positive impact they can make if they help you and this helps to foster a deeper connection.
- Clever Utilities – Look into your consumption of water, electricity and other utilities, can you cut them down? Often, a smart meter can help to determine your key usage, plus where or how you can cut down. Reducing your output is not only good for the environment but also your bottom line.

How To Make Healthy, But Delicious Meals
- Fresh Ingredients – The whole Fresh Café message is newly prepared, healthy food and they often go hand-in-hand. This is, in part, because fruit or vegetables that are in season retain their flavour and are more interesting. It’s an excellent way to keep your menu adaptable and exciting by using what is seasonally available. Plus, you are guaranteed the extra succulence.
- Compliment with Flavours – Many customers don’t pick the healthy choice because it is often served as a back-up option and therefore the flavours are dull (if they are there at all.) This mentality needs to be changed by adding sauces and seasoning but making them healthier, so the flavour is still there. Use spices and herbs primarily and stay away from cream-based sauces and you’ll already be cutting the nasties out.
- Experiment with Texture – Combining textures can keep a meal interesting. Go for soft and crunchy for diversity that makes food more engaging rather than a plate that looks and feels the same.

Following these guidelines can help make your business a success and encourage healthier eating within your customers. Showing that you care about their well-being, as well as their spending.