Understanding Fresh Café’s
Innovative Approach to Hospitality


While this is not the official menu and therefore some of the items below could be subject to change, what we can tell you is that fresh food is an important element to the Fresh Café menu. With most options being prepared on site to suit your needs, nutrition is part of the atmosphere at this café and is used to bring people together. The natural ingredients promote health and sustainability while their local sourcing helps the community as a whole to forge lasting relationships.

Start the day off with one of the healthy breakfast options that include:
- Avocado or vegetable omelettes
- Fresh granola or oatmeal
- Fresh fruit French toast
- frittatas or parfaits

All of which contain seasonal fruits with optional topping extras to reaffirm their health values and make fresh food easily available.

If a quick bite is more your scene, the extensive options for lunch include:
- Fresh Sandwiches – Turkey cranberry, vegetable stuffed, traditional club, chicken salad and a BLAT (traditional BLT with avocado.)
- Warm/Toasted Sandwiches – Tuna or turkey pesto melt
- Omelettes – Bacon, egg and cheese, avocado vegetables or “The Ultimate Omelette” which consists of; American cheese, eggs, bacon, spinach, red onion, mushrooms and Portuguese sausage.

You can also upgrade these to a ciabatta or croissant as an additional extra while the sandwiches all come with a bagel. Every item on the menu is made with thought, and there is no sign of a limp salad! The salad choices aim to tailor to nutritional needs with exciting flavours that include:
- The Wasabi Ginger
- Bacon, Spinach and Garlic (served warm)
- Sesame Tofu Chicken
- A traditional Chicken Caesar
- Pesto Pasta Salad
- A plain vinaigrette on a fruit and vegetable combo

All of which are made fresh and combining these with healthy smoothies (an increasing nutritional trend) means that you have everything you need to stay on plan or maintain your health. You only have to order once to see why customers keep coming back time and time again.