Understanding Fresh Café’s
Innovative Approach to Hospitality

Warehouse Events

Passionate about events, particularly art, music or cultural based occasions, Fresh Café rent their warehouse spaces that are situated in the back of the venue. We are unofficially taking a look at how you could use one of Fresh Café’s warehouse event spaces to make your event a success and the things you need to consider in the planning phase.

1. Parking – How many people will be turning up at your venue and where will they park? At Fresh Café Hawaii for example, there are no specified parking however you are able to park on surrounding roads and neighbouring warehouse spaces. Consider talking to neighbours or the surrounding area to inform them of your event and ask to use their parking, just remember to ask guests to be considerate.

2. Heating – Wide open spaces tend to be colder and airier, particularly if there is less furniture or you are keeping an open plan layout for the event. With this in mind, you’ll need to consider heating, whether that is patio or oil based heaters as well as their effect on health and safety. On the other hand, if your aim is a concert and you are going to be near capacity, you may find with all the guests and bodies in attendance it is warm enough already and will instead need to ensure you can give good ventilation.

3. Layout – It can be difficult to decide on a floor plan for warehouses because you either group elements together and end up with large gaps, or you space them out too far which isn’t comfortable or useful for guests. Try using standing cocktail tables to fill any large holes, add a lounge, dancefloor or stage depending on purpose so that you can use your space effectively. Your layout should allow guests to know where to go next rather than stand there uncertain and overwhelmed as they walk in.

4. Dust – Larger venues, particularly with bigger doors and openings tend to accrue a lot of dust and dirt, therefore you’ll need to ensure the venue is properly cleaned before use. Guests don’t want to end up filthy when attending your event.

5. Sound – Warehouses can have high ceilings and open space which completely changes the acoustic of a piece of music and how it sounds to the audience. If you are planning a concert or playing music of any kind, have a thorough sound check to see if the venue is suitable. Another element to consider is the noise pollution created as a result of a higher capacity and you always need to be considerate of neighbours.

6. Catering – With so many guests in attendance and a large space to work with, catering can be tricky, therefore you should consider a buffet arrangement. Fresh Café are available for healthy event catering should you choose it.

7. Capacity – It is common to assume that in a larger venue such as a warehouse, that you wouldn’t get near to a capacity limit, however this is not the case. Particularly with public events, it can easily escalate and end with too many people but you need to adhere to the restrictions for health and safety reasons. You need to research and check the capacity limits and keep a note on the day of those who come in and those who leave so you ensure you don’t go over.

Just remember to consider the effect the space is having on each element of your planning. Although large open spaces are notoriously difficult to deal with, they make a big statement if you get them right.